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Perfume Fabric Detergent (Perfume Laundry Detergent)

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  • MaterialFragrance, Coconut Fatty Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Purified Water
  • Size55 * 55 * 175 mm
  • Weight360 g
  • Payment TermsT/T

[Su Design Co.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Perfume Fabric Detergent (Perfume Laundry Detergent)

│ Dress Shampoo of Parfum De Grasse (Perfume Fabric Detergent) │

Dress shampoo of Parfum de Grasse is the premium perfume liquid detergent free of synthetic surfactant, preservative, artificial color, fluorescent whitening agent and organic solvent. This is a highly concentrated pure soap. Thus, it generates an abundance of foam even if you use it in small quantity. Furthermore, this mild product has an excellent washing capability. Also, this product has a high degree of biological decomposition capability. It has superior force to rinse; thus, you can save water and washing time with this product. It can be used in both conventional washing machine and drum washing machine. It is an eco-friendly and mild laundry detergent that is safe to human skin. Thus, it can be used for laundry of both children and adults.

│ Dress Rinse of Parfum De Grasse (Perfume Fabric Softener) │

Dress rinse of Parfum de Grasse makes even rinsewater clean. It does not contain antiseptic, disinfectant, preservative or antimicrobial additive. Thus, it is totally safe to human skin. If your rinsewater is murky, then oil ingredient remaining on your clothes may soften the textile. Nonetheless, those clothes that get dry improperly in a humid and warm environment may generate germs even though they look clean. Pure Dress Rinse reduces drying time of laundry and also time for breeding bacteria. As a result, it helps keep your skin healthy. In addition, it is slightly acid; thus, it can neutralize a detergent with alkali ingredients in order to remove detergent byproducts completely. That is, this product even takes into consideration the most serious concern of those patients with atopy.
When you buy new clothes, you can hardly feel grave inconvenience due to the effect of a fabric softener used during the production and also because the fabrics of these new clothes are not damaged at all.
However, when there is no fabric softener left after wearing and washing clothes several times, fabric material becomes rough and irritate your skin. Pure Dress Rinse softens fabrics and minimizes damage with its own softener ingredient; thereby, making you feel as though you wear new clothes all the time.
Moreover, it neutralizes static electricity because fabric surface becomes negatively charged. As a result, it minimizes static electricity. Lastly, its softener ingredient softens fabrics to minimize damage to fabrics and prevent wrinkles.

│ Fragrances of Parfum de Grasse │

We produce custom made products through the exclusive contract with 7 world-renowned fragrance makers, including the fragrance maker with 235 years of history from Grasse of France and the American fragrance maker with more than 100 years of history. That is, we are researching and developing fragrances through the exclusive contract with the aforementioned fragrance makers that have excellent know-how and quality from their long history. All of our fragrance products are designed to achieve the highest grade called ‘fine fragrance’, which can only be granted to a top-class fragrance product. Furthermore, all of our fragrance products use only phthalate-free fragrances that are safe to humans. In regard to the concentration level of the concentrate fragrances of Parfum de Grasse, the quantity of solvent for diluting fragrances is less than 0 to 20 percent. That is to say, these are a highly concentrated fragrance to such an extent that the competing companies cannot match. Therefore, our fragrance products have an unprecedentedly high degree of fragrance continuity and intensity even on the global stage.

In addition, the fragrances of Parfum de Grasse have a high ratio of natural fragrance.
Most of the fragrances used in the commercial air fresheners are produced only with the synthetic fragrances extracted from petrochemical materials. Thus, they have a low level of customer satisfaction for savor.
Furthermore, they cause headache even when people inhale for a short time. In contrast, the fragrances of Parfum de Grasse have a substantially higher ratio of the isolated fragrance extracted from natural ingredients and the natural fragrances obtained from flowers, leaves, stems, roots and branches by such methods as distillation, extraction and compression. On that account, they have rich savor. Also, they never cause headache even though people inhale them for a long time or the intensity of scent is high. Hence, these fragrances have a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Perfume Fabric Detergent

Perfume Fabric Detergent